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New Day Brings New Challenges

By April Fong via Financial Post
Dec 6, 2012


As a child growing up in North Carolina, Anne Fitzgerald thought she would be the next Jacques Cousteau. She frequently went scuba diving in the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, exploring shipwrecks in the “Graveyard of the Atlantic Ocean” nearby the pirate Blackbeard’s trading grounds.

She eventually abandoned those dreams, though, deciding that working in a wetsuit day in, day out, just wasn’t for her. But now, at the age of 48 and as chief legal officer with Cineplex Inc., Ms. Fitzgerald still remains an explorer at heart.

In her role at Canada’s largest movie chain, one of the things Ms. Fitzgerald loves most about her job is the constant flow of new challenges in the vast range of business matters she deals with: from the creation of its Scene loyalty card program and the development of the company’s online retail site Cineplex Store, to negotiating blockbuster deals.

“I love what I’m doing and I find the variety of work changes on a regular basis. It requires new learning on my part constantly,” Ms. Fitzgerald says.

“One of the challenges I’ve experienced throughout my life is that once I’ve mastered something, I get bored and look for another challenge,” says Ms. Fitzgerald, who holds a law degree from Duke University. “What I’ve found at Cineplex is that it changes on a regular basis. So even if I master an area or have a success, there’s always something new to learn around the corner.” Read full article>>