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The World's 100 Most Powerful (And Connected) Women

By Moira Forbes, Forbes Woman



This year’s 100 Most Powerful Women have never been more powerful – or connected. Whether leading multi-billion-dollar companies, governing countries, shaping the cultural fabric of our lives, or spearheading humanitarian initiatives, collectively these women are changing the planet in profoundly powerful and dynamic ways. And to that end, this year’s Power Women exert influence through very different platforms, and to very different ends, and all with very different impacts on the global community.

As you might imagine, measuring the relative power of such a diverse group of women is an enormous challenge. How do you quantify the difference between political leaders, likeHillary Clinton (#2) to those dictating from the sides of a runway like Anna Wintour (#51)? Yet across their multiple spheres of influence, there is one commonality among all of this year’s power women: they all have achieved power through connectivity – the remarkable ability to build community around the organizations they oversee, the countries they lead, the causes they champion, and the personal brands they’ve created.  It may be true that connectivity and collaboration have always been the cornerstones for achieving and maintaining lasting influence. But what’s incontrovertible is that power today has been amplified and transformed by dramatic changes to this force of connectivity. Read full article>>