Thank you to everyone who attended the Young Women of Influence Evening Series Event featuring Angela Self and Alison Griffiths! To view photos from the event, visit the Women of Influence Facebook Page.

Here’s a reminder of the advice they gave us in order to increase our financial independence and take control of our savings:

Angela Self:

  • Financial independence is a choice and the ability to live the life you want.
  • Know your numbers. Know what is coming in to your accounts and going out.
  • Personal finance is a personal search for the system that work’s right for you. Know your ‘rather’ factor: I’d like to buy that shirt, but I’d RATHER save for travel.
  • The biggest mistake one can make while working is not asking for a raise.
  • The biggest mistake one can make during the interview process is not fighting for your max salary. Do your research and find out the market price for specific job titles and responsibilities.

Alison Griffiths:

  • I discovered the resources of stories, emotions and experiences around finances. Finances are emotional!
  • Financial independence is a state of mind, not a state of wallet.
  • Know who you are, your relationship to money and where your financial happiness lays in order to conquer your financial journey.
  • “KISS” – Keep it simple smarty.
  • Less risky, ultra conservative portfolios are better than risky ones; just because you are young does not mean you have to be risky!


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