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Highlights: Sarah Richardson in Toronto

Thank you to all who attended the Deloitte Women of Influence Luncheon and spent March 8th, International Women’s Day in Toronto, with Sarah Richardson, HGTV host, interior designer, and entrepreneur. Sarah left us inspired and empowered to design a career based on hard work and passion! Below you will find some of the highlights from Sarah Richardson’s keynote address. To view more photos, visit the Women of Influence Facebook Page.

  • Any job has the potential of leading you somewhere great. Make the most of every opportunity and be grateful to where it can lead you.
  • “If you ask me ‘can you have it all? I would say yes, but I would be careful about how you define ‘all’. “
  • Be responsible and accountable. Aim higher. Prioritize and set boundaries. Know the market – have foresight. Look to the future and look ahead.
  • Sarah’s creativity is fueled by inspiration. “If you’re ever stuck for inspiration, go outside!”
  • Be reasonable about what you expect from yourself and from others. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Photography by Jamie Day Fleck Photography