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In the spirit of fall fashion trends and in honour of the amazing women who have led the way in business, aerospace, mining and politics, in this issue we shine a light on the trendsetters. We have sought out those women who have inspired and influenced, led by example and ruled by experience. We profile, question and delve into the lives of those who have broken ground and glass ceilings with grace and fire in hopes their work will continue to inspire future generations.

At the same time, we recognize the Four Trends in women’s advancement, in a recent article by the Women’s Business Initiative. They site a growing number of emerging role models, more adaptations of an agile (or flex) work day, ever increasing female entrepreneurship, and the liberating and barrier breaking use of technology. The article goes as far as to say that the trends and transparency created by social media will enable women to move beyond the barrier of old boys’ networks!

Following these pillars, we examine the leaders of today’s business world, such as our cover woman, Bonnie Brooks, and the brilliant women in diamond mining. We celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of Canada’s first female astronaut, Roberta Bondar, who reflects on her continuing inspiration into new frontiers. We look at Kim Campbell’s and Isabel Bassett’s distinguished political careers and their determination to strengthen women’s voice in the political arena, and in lead up to the Deloitte Women of Influence Luncheon Series Summit on Women in Politics on December 2nd.

New to this issue is the “A Day in the Life” column. To satisfy our innately curious minds that want to know what’s behind the amazing women we profile, we take a sneak peak at what their day-to-day lives really look like, starting with PR maven Natasha Koifman.

At our own headquarters, Women of Influence is launching a new program as part of our mandate for increasing the impact we have. This fall, students at select business schools will be privy to the first “Women of Influence Career Activation Program,” in an effort to assist graduating classes with the first milestones in their professional development.

As an organization, we continue to be thrilled to act as the bridge to women’s professional success. And, if we could recommend one thing to do this fall, it would be to enrol in “Elevate your Influence” and take those skills to the boardroom, and the bank.

This season, while markets may be unsteady, it is no time to back down. Stand strong, work smart and power on to achieve success in the short-term, always moving closer to the long-term vision you seek.

We hope you enjoy reading through this issue and website bursting with opportunities to inspire you on your path to achieving success and being fulfilled.

Carolyn Lawrence

President & CEO Women of Influence Inc.