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There’s a saying that “it’s lonely at the top,” but throughout this issue we paint a very different picture of success: it’s not a solo venture; it’s built on partnerships. Our feature on Dynamic Duos highlights ten companies that are achieving incredible business results with a co-gendered co-leadership model. In an exclusive interview with Susan Lyne, a trailblazer in venture capital, we investigate the rising (and overdue) trend of investing in women-led startups. Don’t miss our cover story on Heather Reisman’s impressive 45-year career timeline.

In this issue:

• Catalyst’s Special Report will show you how inclusive leadership may be the key to economic stability—and how major Canadian companies are making it happen.
• Amanda Lindhout, kidnap survivor and best-selling author, shares her incredible story of survival and forgiveness.
• Plus a look inside the lives of ET Canada host, Cheryl Hickey, and the newest dragon on Dragons’ Den, Michele Romanow.


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From politics and office culture, to managing home and business, Women of Influence Magazine is an inspirational resource for professional women aspiring to the C-Suite. Available in both print and digital formats, this quarterly publication is a blueprint for success covering the issues relevant to women throughout their careers—whether they are just starting out, or are experienced executives. For entrepreneurs, or those pursuing dominance in the public sector, professional services, health, NGOs and more, every issue offers actionable insights from ambitious, accomplished women across the country and around the world.

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