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Current Issue Fall 2017 :


This year, we’ve brought back the Top 25 Women of Influence [Pg 33] after a two-year hiatus. It’s more of a celebration than a ranking — it was hard enough to narrow the list down to just 25 women with impressive achievements from the past year, and attempting to put such varied accomplishments in any sort of order was not a task we wanted to tackle. Telling the stories of these role models is not only one of our favourite things to do, it’s one we consider the most important. Journeys of success provide proof of a possibility — that sense that if she can do it, I can do it — that inspires so many women to strive for more.  

If you’re looking for just that sort of inspiration, you’ll definitely find it in this issue. After you’ve checked out the Top 25, don’t miss the story of Mandy Renehan [Pg 20], who built a multi-million dollar business in an industry that’s not used to seeing women lead. Or Ginella Massa [Pg 22], who for a long time didn’t believe she could be an on-air news reporter, because she’d never seen one wearing a hijab before. Thankfully, she broke that barrier, and we’re sure she’s opened the door for others to follow in her footsteps. We’re also proud to have Dr. Samantha Nutt, founder and president of War Child, contributing her thoughts on Four Women You Should Know [Pg 28].


More in this issue:

  • Fine Print: Books to read when you’re looking for direction.
  • Good Question: How do I prepare for a casual coffee with my boss’ boss? Our Advancement Centre Executive Director Christine Laperriere has the answer. 
  • Global Senior Executive Profile: Kristen Kimmel on being an executive, a mentor, and an advocate for women’s advancement.
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From politics and office culture, to managing home and business, Women of Influence Magazine is an inspirational resource for professional women aspiring to the C-Suite. This bi-annual publication is a blueprint for success covering the issues relevant to women throughout their careers—whether they are just starting out, or are experienced executives. For entrepreneurs, or those pursuing dominance in the public sector, professional services, health, NGOs and more, every issue offers actionable insights from ambitious, accomplished women across the country and around the world.

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