Ways to Think and Act Like a Winner

What separates the winners from the losers – in business, sports, and life? It’s not their accomplishments, which are just symptoms, after all. It’s the way they think. By Rick Spence via Financial Post

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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brand

Whether you’re starting your own freelance business or launching a start-up, getting your new brand into the universe can be just plain scary. But, just like anything else, nothing is ever as hard as that first step. By Alex Honeysett via The Daily Muse

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Inspired By…Confident Women who know how to interview

Women of Influence just conducted a search for a new Event Director and Coordinator.  It is absolutely great to see young women confident in their talent, skills, and character, confident enough to know what they know and what they don’t, and confident enough to let their light shine through for interviewers to see it.

I am happy to welcome two bright young women to the team; Anna Bartula, Event Director, and Amanda Roberts as Event Coordinator.

Want to give a great interview?  Cut the to chase.  When an interview comes to an end, ask how you did and where you stand.  It is most likely that your interviewer has a good idea of your ability to do the job and your potential fit within the organization, so why not prevent the waiting game; once you’re out of that room it’s hard to get the feedback.  If you said something that was a “red flag” for them, or if you’re simply not the right candidate, you’ll open yourself up to learning from an honest conversation from the source.  This is the best way to learn and hone your skills to be great in an interview.

And once you’ve done that, and you’re in the mix, follow these tips from The Globe and Mail >