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How can we help you?

Welcome to our first official greeting as Co-CEOs! We’re honoured and thrilled to be leading Women of Influence, serving a community that’s one of the biggest in Canada of its kind.

Our focus this year is you, our community members. We want to play a greater role in your career advancement, by delivering more of the insights, inspiration, and opportunities you need.

If you have ideas on how we can offer you more value, we want to hear them. To kick things off, we have a few exciting updates.

You may have already noticed our streamlined homepage and navigation. It’s now easier to find valuable content—whether you’re interested in our latest articles or info just for entrepreneurs—and we’ll be offering even more in the coming months. Look out for advice from our growing roster of experts, interviews with inspiring role models, plus quick tips and useful suggestions, like our popular book lists.

While our content will be reaching across Canada and internationally, this year we’ll be streamlining our Women of Influence Luncheon series and Women of Influence Evening series to include Toronto and Calgary, where over 80% of our attendees are concentrated. We’ve just launched our Spring season with a blockbuster event, Meet the Dragons: Canada’s New Generation of Powerhouse Female Entrepreneurs. Manjit Minhas and Michele Romanow, the newest Dragons on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, will share how they achieved huge success before the age of thirty.

More great updates will be coming as we move towards our goal of becoming your top resource for career advancement.

Thank you for being a part of our Women of Influence community. We look forward to a great year!



Stephania & Alicia