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Change Is Tough Work

Change is tough work. For some it can be exhilarating to ride its wings, while for others it’s debilitating. Whether we embrace its many forms or resist it with all our might, change is inevitable. Fortunately, it’s often a good thing, especially when we ask ourselves: How can I make the best of it? How can I influence change?

Some spend their careers becoming experts in answering these—and other—questions about change. Just visit the Harvard Business Review and click on Search for quick proof; “Change Management” not only tops the list of popular searches, there are over 3000 case studies devoted to the hot topic.

Through all the change and evolution that our own company has gone through to bring more of the best solutions to women’s advancement, our core mandate has never been stronger: we bring you access to role models. A few years ago we profiled some dazzling role models that have bravely turned change into opportunity. When life presented them with lemons, they didn’t just make lemonade, they created a successful lemonade industry.

But what of those who are the catalysts themselves? How do change makers hone their craft? This is what we’re talking about this spring, with role models that were chosen because of the incredible confidence, skill, and effectiveness they bring to change management. It’s a beautiful thing, and we can all learn from them.

In March we will bring the most riveting discussion yet, when three fascinating change agents tell us how they manage a complete business 180, from creating the blueprint to guiding the execution. Ready to learn about the strategies that have brought them success?