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Current Issue Spring 2017 :


This Spring, we’re celebrating inspiring Canadian women who have crafted their own success stories, on their own terms. Whether through the multi-decade journeys of beloved Canadian television icons like Debbie Travis and Marci Ien, to the displays of perseverance and courage shown by the 2016 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards winners and finalists, these women are proven role models for the aspirational and the fearless. Truth-teller Catherine Reitman, whose new show, Workin’ Moms at times plays like a documentary of any working mother’s life, busts the mythical idea of “work life balance,” giving working moms permission to sometimes lose it – and find humour in that. Our feature story, The Old Boys Club, explores the effect antiquated gender perceptions have on women reaching top-level leadership, and we recommend our picks for the memoirs and biographies every ambitious woman should read in 2017.

More in this issue:

  • Good Question: Should I make a lateral move in my career? Our Advancement Centre Executive Director answers.
  • Global Senior Executive Sheelagh Whittaker on being a pioneer, a feminist, and an advocate for women.
  • Award-winning actor Kristin Booth opens up about her career and personal life.

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From politics and office culture, to managing home and business, Women of Influence Magazine is an inspirational resource for professional women aspiring to the C-Suite. This bi-annual publication is a blueprint for success covering the issues relevant to women throughout their careers—whether they are just starting out, or are experienced executives. For entrepreneurs, or those pursuing dominance in the public sector, professional services, health, NGOs and more, every issue offers actionable insights from ambitious, accomplished women across the country and around the world.

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