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    The Art of Leadership & Bonnie Brooks

    Women of Influence and The Art Of have partnered to offer a special ticket package to attend both The Art of Leadership for Women Conference on May 29th and the Deloitte Women of Influence Luncheon on June 12th. Don’t miss the special price and the opportunity to see Martha Stewart, Olympic Medalist Hayley Wickenheiser, Vice Chairman of Hudson’s Bay Bonnie Brooks and more!
  • WOI Global Toronto

    Toronto | April 29, 2014

    More Details $220.00

    Senior Executive Dinner Series – Toronto

    Global Women of Influence
    This elegant and intimate dinner provides not only an opportunity for Senior Executives to share invaluable insights, best practices and survival tools with their peers but also to impart their solutions to women’s professional advancement with each other.
  • KathleenTaylor

    Toronto | April 30, 2014

    More Details $104.00

    Kathleen Taylor

    Chair, RBC Royal Bank
    Sold Out!
    SOLD OUT : Please contact info@womenofinfluence.ca if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.
  • Jill Nykoliation

    Toronto | May 07, 2014

    More Details $45.00

    How do I know what I’m supposed to be?

    Jill Nykoliation, President, Juniper Park
    When the average person has seven careers in their lifetime, why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to choose a path so early in the game? Career paths don’t have to be, and often aren’t, a straight line anymore. Success and fulfillment can come from career paths that are less linear, and Jill knows that first-hand. Having had the confidence to let go of a predetermined career path, and instead built a skill set, she will share the lessons she’s learned from having five careers, so far.
  • Sally Armstrong

    Ottawa | May 28, 2014

    More Details $79.00

    Sally Armstrong

    Journalist, Human Rights Activist and Award-winning Author
    Seven honorary doctorate degrees. Three books. One Order of Canada. Impressed? Well, that is only the tip of the iceberg that represents Sally Armstrong and her career. Over 25 years she has covered stories about women and girls in zones of conflict all over the world.
  • Dr. Vivian Brown

    montreal | May 29, 2014

    More Details $87.00

    Tribune Femmes et santé – Montréal

    Dr. Vivien Brown
    La femme de carrière qui a des objectifs ambitieux travaille sans relâche, oubliant qu’elle s’occupe aussi parallèlement de sa famille, de ses amis et de diverses responsabilités sociales. Résultat? On constate malheureusement que la femme d’aujourd’hui relègue sa santé au dernier rang de ses préoccupations.
  • Sheenah Rogers

    Calgary | June 04, 2014

    More Details $45.00

    Sheenah Rogers

    Founder, Anstice Communications
    How do you define success? Sheenah Rogers seeks not to make millions, but impact millions – and she does just that through her role as founder and principal of Anstice Communications, one of Canada’s leading boutique firms. Sheenah started the company in 2009 with experience in both PR and corporate marketing and has found her niche in real estate development, hospitality and lifestyle products.
  • Suzanne West

    Calgary | June 05, 2014

    More Details $79.00

    Suzanne West

    President, Imaginea Energy
    For Suzanne, work is about passion – the same passion that led her, at age 33, to leave a promising corporate career, remortgage her home and start her own oil and gas company. Over the last 15 years, the native Albertan has built four companies from the ground up; selling the most recent one for $358 million.
  • Andrea Lekushoff

    Toronto | June 10, 2014

    More Details $45.00

    Becoming a Woman of Influence: From Potential to Reality

    Andrea Lekushoff, President and Founder, Broad Reach Communications
    Want to advance your career and become a respected expert? Then you’ll need to build a strong, credible and differentiated brand for yourself, one that showcases your talents and expertise.
  • JillNykoliation_thumb

    Toronto | June 12, 2014

    More Details $104.00

    Bonnie Brooks

    President & CEO, Hudson’s Bay
    For Bonnie, creativity is a core skill, and as President and CEO of the world’s oldest continuously operated company, Hudson’s Bay, she is using that skill to take the iconic Canadian retailer into the 21st century. A true global visionary, her career has taken her around the world building high-end retail companies including brands such as Holt Renfrew, Harvey Nichols and Lane Crawford; and, at one stage, spearheading the opening of more than 500 retail locations across Asia.
  • Maria Soklis

    Waterloo | June 18, 2014

    More Details $76.00

    Maria Soklis

    Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Kia Canada Inc.
    Maria Soklis is the driving force behind Kia Canada’s ‘Drive Change’ campaign. Maria exhibits this winning mantra both in and out of the office. Chair of the Global Automakers of Canada and Board Director for the Luminato Festival, Maria has been the recipient of many awards including the prestigious Zenith Club Award, in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution and Excellence of the Highest Degree.
  • CWEA Awards

    Toronto | November 26, 2014

    More Details $245.00

    RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

    Dinner and Awards Gala
    The Awards Gala is the grand finale that you do not want to miss! Find out who your Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award winners are on November 26, 2014.