Women Entrepreneurs' Academy

There are 7 virtual training courses available, totalling over 90 hours of training from Cisco's Networking Academy, offered at no cost to eligible registrants. Fill in a short survey to register your interest for any of the courses below.

* Registrants only need to register their interest once to gain access to all of the courses.

get connected

Get Connected

Get Connected teaches the basic information technology skills needed to compete in the global workforce, with a focus on basic communication and collaboration technologies.

Intro To Cybersecurity

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Introduction to Cybersecurity covers trends and career opportunities in the growing field of computer network security.


Introduction to Internet of Everything

The introduction to the Internet of Everything (Intro to IoE) course introduces learners to the technologies that support the IoE, and the career and social opportunities created by the growing number of networked connections between people, processes, data, and things.



Entrepreneurship teaches business and financial skills, behaviors, and attitudes, to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss

The Be Your Own Boss Techno-preneur Series provides the guidelines, insights, and advice needed to launch successful tech ventures.

Cisco Packet Tracer

Cisco Packet Tracker

The Cisco Packet Tracker simulation tool allows students to experiment with network behaviour in a virtual environment. It supplements physical networking equipment by allowing students to create virtual networks with unlimited devices, encouraging practise, discovery, and troubleshooting.

Mobility Fundamentals

Mobility Fundamentals Series

Starting with Wireless Technology Standards, the Mobility Fundamentals series teaches students about wireless and mobility technologies in the Internet of Everything.