How do you find a mentor?

I was at an event recently for Young Women of Influence, and was really struck by something that happened.  We had just heard an engaging presentation on personal branding and how to get ahead in business.  The room was packed with acutely ambitious and well-heeled women poised in their career and ready for take-off.  The […]  Read more »

Women of Influence

2013 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award Winners

On November 27th, Women of Influence celebrated the recipients of the 2013 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.  The six award winners, representing the best of what the country has to offer, were recognized for their contributions to the local, Canadian, and global economies. Diane Francis, editor-at-large at […]  Read more »

One at a Time

We hear it often — we can have everything, just not all at once. Meet two women who stepped off the professional track to take care of their families, and then jumped right back on to end up even further ahead.  Read more »

Building Our Own Opportunities

Women are still underrepresented in the construction industry, and that’s not because we don’t want in — from the Bobcat to the scaffold, as engineers and executives, many of us are taking a place in an industry that once had no room for us — but before we can fully realize the potential of this growing business, there’s going to have to be an attitude adjustment.  Read more »