Women of Influence

Gender Intelligence

By Rhea Seymour Over the past decade, corporations have been increasing their focus, commitment and spend on diversity and inclusion efforts to eradicate the gender gap, but those efforts aren’t working.  The growth of women in senior executive roles has been stagnant over the last five years. What does that mean? Corporations, and women, are […]  Read more »

Turning it all around

Turning it all around

Two thuds in the snow. That’s what a stroke sounded like to Heather Nutt-Christensen, a working mother, at the time only 33. When her right arm went numb, causing her to drop her purse and shopping bag in the driveway of her Ballantrae, Ontario, home, she didn’t understand what was happening. Neither did her 12-year-old […]  Read more »

Women of Influence

Diversity & inclusion
- new programs that work

When it comes to advancing women, existing corporate strategies generally aren’t working. But this new program just might get us where we need to be. “ Until recently, diversity in corporate North America has largely meant the introduction of a program or initiative (such as quotas, hiring practices or segmented initiatives) rather than a cultural, […]  Read more »

How do you find a mentor?

I was at an event recently for Young Women of Influence, and was really struck by something that happened.  We had just heard an engaging presentation on personal branding and how to get ahead in business.  The room was packed with acutely ambitious and well-heeled women poised in their career and ready for take-off.  The […]  Read more »

Fight the Good Fight

Sometimes your boss isn’t on your side, but what do you do when she’s actively against you? We know it’s an issue — it’s a question that generated heated discussion and debate at one of our events — so we asked three experts to weigh in.  Read more »