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How can I network authentically? Our experts have the answers graphic

How can I network authentically? Our experts have the answers

July, 24th, 2014

Q: It’s been a long time since I’ve had to network in any structured way, because I’ve been employed for years (and I’ve had many promotions along the way, too). People tell me that networking is something that I should be doing throughout my career, even if I’m not in the market for a job, […]

Curators of Chic graphic

Curators of Chic

July, 24th, 2014

What drew this duo together? A shared love of all things crafted, and a soft spot for a great story. What they created with those mutual passions is a one-of-a-kind offering. BY CARRIE FISCHER      PHOTOGRAPHY CELINE KIM Meet Jennifer Lee Koss and Kena Paranjape, retail professionals with an eye for elevated, modern crafts […]

Personal branding— reinvention or evolution? graphic

Personal branding— reinvention or evolution?

July, 24th, 2014

BY SHOANA PRASAD Shoana is a Course Leader at the Women of Influence Advancement Centre and offers group presentation training, one-on-one coaching and executive branding. She is an executive coach and Founder of Glenwood Consulting Group Inc. I have always seen spring as the second New Year’s of the calendar year. It’s a time we […]

Call to Action graphic

Call to Action

July, 24th, 2014

No job is secure and no industry will be “safe” indefinitely. That means none of us is immune to layoffs, down sizing and redundancy. The bottom line is that we’ve all got to be ready to switch professional gears with little notice. Here’s how to direct your career so you can stay the course no […]

Limited Supply, High Demand graphic

Limited Supply, High Demand

July, 8th, 2014

Three industries poised for growth and full of opportunities for ambitious women. By Arina Kharlamova SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING AND MATH Women make up nearly half of the labour force in Canada, but less than 22 percent of us are employed as professionals in STEM fields. Still, thanks to an increasing number of role models, the innovative […]

Adrienne Clarkson – Reinvent the world around you graphic

Adrienne Clarkson – Reinvent the world around you

July, 8th, 2014

BY THE RIGHT HONOURABLE ADRIENNE CLARKSON Adrienne is the Former Governor General of Canada and co-founder of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. For more information about the ICC, including how you can participate in a community citizenship ceremony, visit My father believed you could take chances, but only if you did so while not […]

Intern of Influence: Adding Confidence to your Toolbox graphic

Intern of Influence: Adding Confidence to your Toolbox

May, 7th, 2014

BY CARRIE FISCHER I am always inspired by the Women of Influence keynote speakers and magazine contributors. They give practical advice that truly resonates with me. If I could manage to somehow translate my enthusiasm into actually TELLING these women how much they influence me…that would be fantastic. I began interning at Women of Influence […]

New Discoveries: Solutions to Women’s Advancement graphic

New Discoveries: Solutions to Women’s Advancement

May, 6th, 2014

Women of Influence is thrilled to launch our first white paper on a favourite topic. Here, we’ve outlined a summary of key findings from our study in partnership with Barbara Annis and Thomson Reuters—both well known for making female leadership a top priority. The information we have collected serves as a key tool in the […]

Gender Intelligence graphic

Gender Intelligence

April, 7th, 2014

By Rhea Seymour Over the past decade, corporations have been increasing their focus, commitment and spend on diversity and inclusion efforts to eradicate the gender gap, but those efforts aren’t working.  The growth of women in senior executive roles has been stagnant over the last five years. What does that mean? Corporations, and women, are […]

Turning it all around graphic

Turning it all around

March, 3rd, 2014

Two thuds in the snow. That’s what a stroke sounded like to Heather Nutt-Christensen, a working mother, at the time only 33. When her right arm went numb, causing her to drop her purse and shopping bag in the driveway of her Ballantrae, Ontario, home, she didn’t understand what was happening. Neither did her 12-year-old […]